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1. Preparation

Our clients approach us with varying degrees of certainty about what they want and what they want to spend. We like to discuss your needs and budget from first principles so that we can be confident that the building work you undertake is the best solution to your needs and genuinely meets your aspirations. We also like to take the opportunity to explain the process as clearly as possible early on - the risks, rewards and responsibilities - so that there is little opportunity for misunderstanding or disappointment further down the line.

The first step is to sit down together as many times as it takes to put together a clear brief and realistic budget. This may involve us presenting some sketch options as a way of focussing the discussions. To do these, we would normally need to have measured plans of your property. We should be able to do these ourselves but, if your property is more than a couple of storeys, it may be better to commission a surveyor to measure it up - we would be happy to help you find one.

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