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The process of getting a building built is inherently complex requiring the input of a large number of individuals even a humble extension may involve a planning officer, building control surveyor, structural engineer, party wall surveyor, contractor, tradesmen and suppliers, The architect is, first and foremost, a guide and interpreter, providing knowledge of the construction industry and a clear roadmap through the building process. He or she is also, and equally importantly, a designer. This is not just about aesthetics; it is about exploring your needs and aspirations and finding inventive ways of enhancing or even changing your lifestyle. Finally, the architect is a synthesiser, considering all the disparate factors at play and transforming them into a set of instructions for a builder with the aim of creating an elegant built solution to your requirements.

The point of employing an architect is clearly to get a better product and a well-managed process but this should not be considered a luxury on the contrary, employing an architect should save you money in the long run because intelligent design has inherent value. The best solutions to problems appear simple and direct but they may not be immediately self-evident; this is where the architect comes in his or her ability to unearth the right solution is based on seven years training and hard-won experience.

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