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We want you to be confident you are getting good value for money throughout the project.

Construction costs will, of course, be dependent on the quality of materials and workmanship you’re aiming for. But, as a basis for working out an initial budget, £1.5k per sqm is a reasonable estimate for your construction costs, to which you should add a contingency of 20% for unexpected remedial work.

So, were you planning to convert your existing kitchen of 20 sqm and add an extension of 15 sqm to give a combined area of 35 sqm, you might reasonably budget for construction costs of around £60k.

Based on construction costs of £60k, you might allow for the following fees:

1:0- Preparation £ 0,900
2-3: Concept & Developed Design £ 2,700
4-5: Technical & Specialist Design £ 3,600
6-7: Construction; Use & Aftercare £ 1,800
0-0: Total £ 9,000
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