Tobias Davidson Architects

‘Tobias was first recommended to us by our builder, an old friend of his. At first, we thought hiring him would simply facilitate the management of the building site, since a good relationship between the architect and the building team seemed essential for ensuring smooth progress of the works. We quickly developed an excellent working relationship with Tobias and were very impressed by his creative vision, attention to detail and dedication to the work at hand. He also fully understood that working for a married couple is a challenging task of managing sometimes matching but often diverging expectations and I must say that he handled that challenge particularly well. . . Thanks to our collaboration with Tobias, we managed to create a living environment that totally suits our needs and aesthetic sense and is just plainly enjoyable to be in. Using Tobias’ services has allowed us to think outside the box, reach an agreement about what we wanted and implement that vision to the finest detail. All of this was totally worth it!’

Sophie Trémolet, St George’s Avenue, N7

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